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Nice Harmony

Okładka książki Heart Magick

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Find your authentic self, connect with the earth and discover how to create beauty in every day. Follow Wiccan witch Harmony Nice on a beautiful path to healing in her transformative new book, Heart Magick. Featuring spells, rituals, tarot spreads, recipes and journal prompts, Harmony will show you how to open up to the magick of the world around you and truly let go of the things that hold you back. By living in rhythm with nature and the cycles of the seasons, you will learn how to connect with and care for the beauty that lives within you. This is your guide to living a magickal life.
Okładka książki The Harmony Tarot

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A therapeutic tool for our times Inspired by nature and her own wiccan path, influential YouTube star and modern witch Harmony Nice has created The Harmony Tarot, an enchanting deck & guidebook that offer a way to use tarot to improve wellbeing, as well as for decisions and divination. This beautiful pack reimagines the traditional deck of 78 Major and Minor Arcana cards, with the suits represented by the four seasons. Designed as a pip deck, each card has been thoughtfully created to encourage you to connect with your thoughts and choices and inspire personal growth and healing.
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