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Natasha Solomons

Okładka książki Fair Rosaline

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Romeo Montague is handsome and charming and the first time he sees young Rosaline Capulet, who has secretly snuck into his family's masquerade summer ball, he falls instantly in love. At first Rosaline is unsure of Romeo's attentions but with her father determined that she join the nunnery, Romeo offers her the chance of a different life. Gradually he convinces her that only true love could make him feel this way, that he is enraptured by her beauty. Indeed, he cannot live without her! And so begins the story of Romeo and Rosaline. These star-crossed lovers must keep everything hidden from Rosaline's family, at least until they are wed. But when a destitute young girl appears, claiming to be carrying Romeo's child, Rosaline starts to doubt all that she has been told. And as whispers of more girls reach her ears, what once felt like a courtship begins to feel more like a pursuit. As Rosaline recognises Romeo for the villain he truly is, his gaze turns suddenly towards Rosaline's adored and beautiful cousin, thirteen-year old Juliet. Can Rosaline save Juliet, who falls under Romeo's spell just as quickly as she did? Or can this story only ever end one way? The subversive, powerful untelling of Shakespeare's best know tale. A fierce, forgotten voice: this is Rosaline's story.
Okładka książki House of Gold

46,94 zł 38,00 zł

Artykuł chwilowo niedostępny

The start of a war. The end of a dynasty. VIENNA, 1911. Greta Goldbaum has always dreamed of being free to choose her own life's path, but the Goldbaum family, one of the wealthiest in the world, has different expectations. United across Europe, Goldbaum men are bankers, while Goldbaum women marry Goldbaum men to produce Goldbaum children. So when Greta is sent to England to marry Albert, a distant cousin she has never met, the two form an instant dislike for one another. Defiant and lonely, Greta longs for a connection and a place to call her own. When Albert's mother gives Greta a garden, things begin to change. But just as she begins to taste an unexpected happiness, the Great War breaks out, threatening to tear everything away. For the first time in two hundred years, the family will find themselves on opposing sides. How will Greta choose between the family she's created and the one she was forced to leave behind?
Okładka książki Powieść w Altówce

37,90 zł 24,54 zł

Artykuł chwilowo niedostępny

Latem 1938 roku Elise Landau przybywa do Tyneford, wspaniałego majątku nad zatoką. Młodziutka dziewczyna z Wiednia, zmuszona do szukania pracy pokojówki, nie wie o Anglii nic. Kiedy reszta służby poleruje srebra i podaje drinki, ona nosi perły matki pod uniformem subretki i wywołuje skandal, tańcząc z chłopcem zwanym Kit. Ale nadchodzi wojna i świat się zmienia. A Elsie uczy się, że można być więcej niż jedną osobą. I kochać więcej niż jeden raz.
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