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Martin Sean

Okładka książki A Short History of Disease

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Throughout history, disease has plagued human civilisations, claiming more lives than natural disasters and warfare combined. In the fourteenth century, the Black Death was responsible for taking the lives of one third of Europe's population. In the modern day, physicians, scientists and historians continue to be challenged by new and resurgent diseases such as AIDS, malaria and Ebola, as they struggle to identify causes, antidotes and preventative measures to combat these epidemics. A Short History of Disease chronicles the historical and geographical evolution of infectious and non-infectious diseases, from their prehistoric origins to the present day. It offers a comprehensive, accessible guide to ailments and the medical methods used to combat them. Analysing case studies including the Black Death, Spanish Flu, cholera, leprosy, syphilis, cancer and Ebola, Sean Martin maps the development of our understanding of disease into a thorough and enlightening timeline. The book offers a fascinating insight into an important area of social history, providing an easy-to-read introduction to all you need to know about disease and the ongoing quest to protect human health.
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