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Opakowanie Colorama

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For forty years, the Colorama dominated the east wall of New York City's Grand Central Terminal, where it was seen by thousands of people passing through each day. The massive backlit transparencies measured 60 feet wide by 18 feet tall and changed every few weeks between 1950 and 1990, resulting in a total production of 565 Coloramas. The idealized lifestyle presented in the Coloramas was intended to celebrate family or travel snapshooting, reinforcing the idea that colour photography was the best way to memorialize all of life's moments. The Colorama display in Grand Central Terminal was one of the longest and most successful corporate marketing campaigns of the twentieth century and continues to be examined in the context of the history of advertising and colour photography.
Opakowanie Streets of London

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London: the capital city of the United Kingdom and the political, economic, and cultural heart of the country. Along with Paris, Tokyo, and New York, London is considered one of the alpha capitals of the world: a pulsing, vibrant mega-metropolis which attracts millions of tourists and travelers each year with its history, museums, theater, art, fine dining, rich traditions, and multicultural flair. Streets of London is a contemporary take on the classic city photo book. To capture all the diversity that characterizes London, this volume features more than 40 contemporary photographers with equally varied perspectives and styles. From the world-renowned London landmarks and tourist attractions like Tower Bridge, the Thames, and St. Paul's Cathedral to lesser-known London boroughs and neighborhoods, each photographer offers a personal view of the British metropolis, allowing for a fresh photo tribute to a historic city, as well as visual inspirations for Londoners, old and new.
Okładka książki Taken! - Entertaining Nudes

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Colorful, loud, a little shrill, but also with a little wink-wink nudge-nudge can you fit all of that into one picture? Yes, if Tony Kelly is the one behind the camera! The Irish fashion and fine art photographer manages to imbue his pictures with that special something extra. Whether it s a fashion shoot for "Vogue" or erotic photos for "Playboy," Kelly creates images that are both sensuous and ironic, and always entertaining. So it s no surprise that his photo book is called "Entertaining Nudes." Showcasing his best work beautiful women posing with stormtroopers from "Star Wars" or Sheriff Woody from "Toy Story," sunbathing beside breathtaking pools or leaping out of cakes, Tony Kelly s photographs bear witness to the fact that he is truly a master of his craft. Even better, he has a very special talent: he knows how to put a smile on someone s face with his pictures. Go ahead and see for yourself!"
Okładka książki Elliott Erwitt's Scotland

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Elliott Erwitt turns his trained eye on Scotland, going well beyond its picturesque glens and lochs to reveal a unique culture and national heritage. In 2013, Elliott Erwitt was asked to be a part of the distinguished Macallan Masters of Photography series. Armed with his trusty Leica camera, he embarked on an exploration of Scotland in hope of capturing its people's particular spirit and allure, calling it his "great Scottish adventure." Going beyond what is simply picturesque, this magnificent collection of photographs candidly reveals both the sum and its parts of the varied landscapes, the characters-and of course, the dogs!-that are unique to Scotland.
Okładka książki Erotic

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Completed in just weeks, this books sees Bitesnich unleash his creative potential with a beautiful new Asian model. Marvel as the master captures her beauty in a series of original poses. The reader witnesses a spark in these images – with both model and artist at the peak of their creativity. As Bitesnich immerses himself in this breakthrough work, he makes a fascinating discovery – a cache of nude photographs by his grandfather – an engineer by profession. What an eerie parallel between Bitesnich’s latest work and his grandfather’s own artistic appreciation of the human form.
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