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Shaoqiang Wang

Okładka książki New Poster Design

119,95 zł 97,74 zł

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"New Poster Design: Look at Me!" is a selection posters produced using original ideas, advanced techniques, innovative methods, ingenious materials and unique features.
Okładka książki Design for Screen: Graphic Design Solutions for Great User Experiences

191,95 zł 156,34 zł

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A good screen layout addresses the relationship between fonts, colours, form and graphics for visual effects, and the balance between the flow of information and users' experience. The over one-hundred projects included explore how to produce functional and elegant websites and mobile applications, from the point of view of graphic designers.
Okładka książki Portfolio Design and Self-Promotion

180,05 zł 146,65 zł

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Designers and students structure their portfolios following their instincts and according to their own professional development. A portfolio principally contains print designs, which are used to plan, organise and document the designer s personal experience, work samples and skills. These selections are collective representations, through which designers seek to highlight their best accomplishments for the purposes of appreciation and promotion. This is precisely the object of this unique book: to present a selection of samples of the best works by young designers from all over the world. Fresh, inventive and full of original and ground-breaking ideas that use new materials and experimental techniques, Portfolio Design aims to offer not only visual delights but also invaluable references and solutions for those who are looking for inspiration in producing an eye-catching portfolio of their own.
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