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Sylvia Townsend Warner

Okładka książki Lolly Willowes

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Lolly Willowes, so gentle and accommodating, has depths no one suspects. When she suddenly announces that she is leaving London and moving, alone, to the depths of the countryside, her overbearing relatives are horrified. But Lolly has a greater, far darker calling than family: witchcraft. 'The book I'll be pressing into people's hands forever . . . It tells the story of a woman who rejects the life that society has fixed for her in favour of freedom ... tips suddenly into extraordinary, lucid wildness' Helen McDonald 'Witty, eerie, tender ... her prose, in its simple, abrupt evocations, has something preternatural about it' John Updike
Okładka książki Mr Fortunes Maggot

49,00 zł 39,67 zł

The Reverend Timothy Fortune, ex-clerk of the Hornsey branch of Lloyds Bank, has found his vocation: to convert the inhabitants of the remote tropical island of Fanua to Christianity. Even when everyone except for a young boy called Lueli remains indifferent to his preaching, Mr Fortune's good spirits cannot be dampened - until one day his faith is put to a terrible test. 'This quizzical tale is so intensely moving' Gillian Beer, New Statesman 'Original, elegant and hypnotically strange' Miranda Seymour, The New York Times 'Sylvia Townsend Warner pursues the psychology of the story with beautiful accuracy' John Carey
Okładka książki The True Heart

54,00 zł 43,71 zł

Sukey Bond, a sixteen-year-old orphan, is sent to work as a servant at a farm on the remote Essex Marshes. There she falls in love with gentle, unworldly Eric, the son of the rector's wife, only for them to be separated when their relationship is discovered. But nothing will deter Sukey in her quest to be reunited with her true love, even if it means seeking the help of Queen Victoria herself. 'One of our most idiosyncratic, courageous and versatile writers' Hermione Lee 'One can't be too thankful that Miss Townsend Warner has lived to discover the alchemist's secret of transmuting the past into pure gold' Hilary Spurling
Okładka książki The Corner That Held Them

48,00 zł 38,86 zł

The Corner That Held Them
Okładka książki Summer Will Show

48,00 zł 38,86 zł

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Summer Will Show
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