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Knausgaard Karl Ove

Okładka książki Fin de combat przekład francuski

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A quarante ans, Karl Ove Knausgaard est sur le point de devenir un auteur reconnu a travers le monde entier. Il partage son quotidien entre l'écriture de ce qui sera son grand oeuvre et l'éducation de ses trois enfants en bas âge. Sa vie a Malmö est réglée comme du papier a musique. Jusqu'a ce que son oncle s'oppose a la publication de cette autobiographie. L'interdit remet en cause la seule certitude de Knausgaard : celle de son destin d'écrivain. Pour s'accomplir en tant qu'homme et pere, il doit raconter son histoire, sans rien taire.
Okładka książki The End

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In this final novel in the My Struggle cycle, Karl Ove Knausgaard examines life, death, love and literature with unsparing rigour and begins to count the cost of his project. The End reflects on the fallout from the earlier books, with Knausgaard facing the pressures of literary acclaim and its often shattering repercussions. It is at once a meditation on writing and its relationship with reality, and an account of a writer’s relationship with himself – from his ambitions to his doubts and frailties.
Okładka książki The Morning Star

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Artykuł chwilowo niedostępny

The breathtaking new novel from the internationally bestselling author of My Struggle, 'the literary sensation of the decade' (Sunday Times) One long night in August, Arne and Tove are staying with their children in their summer house in southern Norway. Kathrine, a priest, is flying home from a Bible seminar, questioning her marriage. Journalist Jostein is out drinking for the night, while his wife, Turid, a nurse at a psychiatric care unit, is on a nightshift when one of her patients escapes. Above them all, a huge star suddenly appears blazing in the sky. It brings with it a mysterious sense of foreboding. Strange things start to happen as nine lives come together under the star. Hundreds of crabs amass on the road as Arne drives at night; Jostein receives a call about a death metal band found brutally murdered in a Satanic ritual; Kathrine conducts a funeral service for a man she met at the airport - but is he actually dead? The Morning Star is about life in all its mundanity and drama, the strangeness that permeates our world, and the darkness in us all. Karl Ove Knausgaard's astonishing new novel goes to the utmost limits of freedom and chaos, to what happens when forces beyond our comprehension are unleashed, and the realms of the living and the dead collide.
Okładka książki Fatherhood

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Artykuł chwilowo niedostępny

How to be a good father? Children’s birthday parties, unsuccessful family holidays, humiliating antenatal music classes: the trials of parenthood are all found in Knausgaard’s compelling and honest account of family life. Contrasting moments of enormous love and tenderness towards his children with the boring struggles of domesticity, this is one father’s personal experience, and somehow, every father’s too. Selected from the book A Man in Love by Karl Ove Knausgaard. VINTAGE MINIS: GREAT MINDS. BIG IDEAS. LITTLE BOOKS. A series of short books by the world’s greatest writers on the experiences that make us human. Also in the Vintage Minis series: Desire by Haruki Murakami; Babies by Anne Enright; Eating by Nigella Lawson; and, Language by Xiaolu Guo.
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