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Karnowski Mike

Okładka książki Homebrew Beyond the Basics

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Want to take total control of the beer-making process? Move beyond extract brewing and go all-grain. Richly illustrated and easy to follow, this book explains it all, from grain selection and water chemistry to sour beers and wood-ageing. Explore the full range of malts and mashing. Dive into the world of hops and discover new hopping techniques, as well as yeasts and fermentation methods. Brew a fruit beer; make a Berliner Weisse; master non-traditional ingredients, such as cacao, coffee, quinoa and spelt; kick the bottles in favour of kegging – and learn it all in a practical, approachable way. Sample recipes – covering all the basics from traditional parti-gyle stouts to style-bending American wild ale – expertly guide you as you hone your skills and make better beer.
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