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Enfield Elizabeth

Okładka książki After Beth

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The hardest thing about love is saying goodbye . . . On a beautiful late-summer's morning, Cate Challoner's daughter, Beth, heads to the beach with her best friend. The girls will spend the day flirting with boys and enjoying the thrill of being young. Beth is eighteen and soon leaving home for college. Her mother is already missing her. That afternoon, the doorbell rings. Cate immediately knows something is wrong. CPR. Resuscitation. What do these words have to do with two teenagers enjoying an afternoon at the beach? Cate's daughter is her everything. Beth's presence at home is inescapable. How can a child stop existing? How can a mother survive such loss?
Okładka książki Ivy and Abe

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Ivy is always destined to meet Abe. But when is the RIGHT time? At school, as a free spirit in her twenties or when she is married . . . to someone else? Perhaps they meet when she is a widow in her sixties? Or maybe he remains a stranger, glimpsed only fleetingly. Ivy and Abe are soulmates. But what if they meet at the WRONG time, and fate and circumstance stand in Ivy's way? Told over Ivy's lifetime, across a series of alternate realities, Ivy & Abe is a story for anyone who has ever wondered 'what if?'
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