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Davies Philip

Okładka książki London Hidden Interiors

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London's conserved heritage is presented by Philip Davies in an introductory essay, followed by an extraordinary collection of contemporary photographs showing 180 of London's best conserved and least known interiors, selected from a complete range of building types to convey the richness and diversity of the city's architectural heritage.
Okładka książki Panoramas of Lost London : Work, Wealth, Poverty

299,00 zł 254,15 zł

Artykuł chwilowo niedostępny

Over 300 spectacular photographs of London's lost buildings from the London Metropolitan Archive in Panoramic format. Tudor, Georgian and Victorian buidings, some of them historic masterpieces, captured in location just before their destruction between 1870-1945.
Okładka książki Lost London 1870-1945

229,00 zł 194,65 zł

Artykuł chwilowo niedostępny

Lost London: 1870-1945 is a spectacular collection of more than 500 of the best images from the former London County Council archive of photographs, which has been held by English Heritage for the past 25 years. Most have never been published before. Taken to provide a unique record of whole districts of London as they were vanishing, each of the photographs is a full-plate image, a stunning work of art In its own right.
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