Okładka książki Upgrade Your Brain

Upgrade Your Brain

Unlock Your Life’s Full Potential

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Discover the 8 steps you can take to optimise your brain for better mood, memory, sleep and stress resilience. The results are in: our mental health, memory and intelligence are deteriorating. One in six children is now diagnosed with mental health issues, anti-depressant prescriptions have sky-rocketed, and the incidence of Alzheimer's and dementia, with are largely preventable, are on the rise. But we can take action to stop this decline in its tracks. In Upgrade Your Brain, Patrick Holford, founder of the Good for the Brain Foundation, takes a deep dive into why this is happening, and more importantly, what you can do to improve your brain function. Through his work at the foundation, Patrick has tested the cognitive function of nearly half a million people, assessing and improving their dementia risk, as well as interviewing world-leading professors and brain-health experts. In this book, he unravels how and why our modern diet and lifestyle have inevitable led to a brain-health meltdown. Drawing on his expertise, Patrick walks you through the small changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle to help you: upgrade your mental energy improve your mood and motivation sleep better and reduce anxiety sharpen your memory dementia-proof your diet and lifestyle By integrating this dynamic approach with Food for the Brain's groundbreaking Cognitive Function Test, you will discover any weak points and how to strengthen them, and rapidly improve your brain health, starting today.
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