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Okładka książki 24 MINIMAL PRELUDES

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Płyta 1. Veen, Jeroen Van - Minimal Preludes Nr. 1-24 (2003 Nr. 1 C-dur (Heft 1) Nr. 2 A-moll Nr. 3 G-dur Nr. 4 E-moll Nr. 5 D-dur Nr. 6 H-moll Nr. 7 A-dur Nr. 8 Fis-moll Nr. 9 E-dur Nr. 10 Cis-moll Nr. 11 H-dur Nr. 12 Gis-moll Płyta 2. Nr. 13 Fis-dur (Heft 2) Nr. 14 Es-moll Nr. 15 D-dur Nr. 16 B-moll Nr. 17 As-dur Nr. 18 F-moll Nr. 19 Es-dur Nr. 20 C-moll Nr. 21 B-dur Nr. 22 G-moll Nr. 23 F-dur Nr. 24 D-moll ? The Prelude, originally a short, often quasi-improvised, introduction to a work of larger proportions, gained in the course of musical history a new form, developing into a separate and free structure in which the composer lets his imagination free reign. ? Jeroen van Veen, champion of Minimal Music, about his own Preludes: “composed in a major and minor keys in the order of Chopin’s Preludes the basic idea was to see if I would limit myself to just a few chords and techniques if I could create different works. Of course I was inspired by the great classical masters; I tried to combine the order of Chopin, the pianotechniques by Franz Liszt and Sergei Rachmaninoff, the polyrhythmic by Philip Glass, the sound of Simeon ten Holt and the rhythms of Steve Reich. Each piece has its own character, starting from a minimalistic point of view: less is more. ? A very personal and fascinating statement from one of the most notable interpreters of Minimal Music: Jeroen van Veen! ? Liner notes written by Jeroen van Veen
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