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Occhionero, Mauro - Ricercada - Pavana, Saltarello Occhionero, Mauro - La Tedeschina - Pavana De La B Occhionero, Mauro - Recercada Occhionero, Mauro - Pass'e Mezo Nuovo 1-3 - Gamba Occhionero, Mauro - Moneghina Gagliarda - Gonella Occhionero, Mauro - Toccata Im 2. Ton Occhionero, Mauro - Tedescha, Balletto Occhionero, Mauro - Intavolatura Di Balli D'arpico Ballo Ongaro, Il Suo Balletto Occhionero, Mauro - Canzon Sopra La Battaglia Occhionero, Mauro - Tenore Grande Alla Napolitana Occhionero, Mauro - Intavolatura De Cimbalo (Neape La Romanesca Occhionero, Mauro - Il Primo Libro De Recercari A Ricercar Im 2. Ton Occhionero, Mauro - Ricercate, Canzone Franzese, C Canzona Frantesa Nr. 1 Occhionero, Mauro - Ricercate, Canzone Franzese, C Gagliarda Nr. 4 A 5 Alla Spagnola Occhionero, Mauro - Fuge Nr. 2 A 4 Occhionero, Mauro - Ballo Della Regina - La Sua Sa Occhionero, Mauro - Ballo Del Gran Duca - Aria Di A unique project: the combination of church organ and percussion instruments performing early Italian keyboard music! The early keyboard music manuscripts not only included organ music for liturgical use, but also collections of dances, such as pavana, gagliarda, ricercada, saltarello, balletto and canzona. The strong rhythmical element in these works is enhanced on this new recording by the use of percussion instruments as were in use in popular music of that period: drums, rattles, sticks, castagnets, claves, sistrum and such exotic instruments as def, djembe, darbuka and tammorra. The composers of these works include Giovanni Picchi, Marco Cavazzoni, Gioseffo Guami, Christofano Malvezzi and Giovanni Trabaci.The organ on this recording is an historical instrument built in 1551 by Onofrio Zeffirini. A fascinating disc presenting some exciting and entertaining music performed in a way never heard before, by renowned organist Luca Scandali and percussionist Mauro Occhionero. The booklet provides the necessary background information on the music, the composers and the instruments used. Other information: Contains extensive liner notes on works and performers. Contains full organ specification. Recorded in June 2015 in Lucca, Italy.
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