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Dawson Peter

Okładka książki The Type Directory

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There is an astonishing diversity of typefaces, with over 100,000 now available. With such a diverse and inspiring range of types now on offer, The Type Directory> presents old and new, popular and obscure, separating and identifying these considered forms to provide a comprehensive and fascinating selection of typefaces available to use today. A visual celebration of the craft, innovation and beauty of these letterforms is presented throughout, from the classic types of ‘Garamond’, ‘Bodoni’ and ‘Times’ through to the contemporary ‘Bliss’, ‘Gotham’ and ‘Meta’. Featuring more than 1,500 typefaces, The Type Directory> is organized by type category – Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Script and Symbols & Dingbats – and subsequently arranged by recognized sub-categories. This allows the reader to make a direct comparison with typefaces of a similar visual appearance, thus facilitating a deeper understanding of the design and selection process. In addition, beautifully illustrated special features showcase the work of major figures from the field of type – detailing their world-class innovations and key types – and also the role of traditional and digital type foundries, which have provided a groundbreaking contribution to the field of typeface design. The ultimate visual encyclopedia, The Type Directory will inform, educate, inspire, and stimulate as a must-have reference title.
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